Would you be interested in a Distribution Line Maintenance Program that could reduce your annual customer outage rate from 2.0 to .05 hours and pays for itself in approximately one year?


1. Develop a system model using Milsoft or equivalent
2. Update model with line load information obtained from SCADA
3. Update recloser coordination based on new conditions
4. Correct power factorDevelop a Recloser Repair Specification
5. Develop a Recloser Repair Specification
1. Balance the loads on each line
2. Install reclosers, bypass switches and fuse cutouts
3. Trim trees along lines
4. Install lightning arresters on equipment with short lead lengths
5. Improve grounding
6. Repair reclosers in accordance with specification
7. Modify reclosers to current engineering and operation standards
8. Re-calibrate reclosers using standardized test conditions
Tried all this before?
I'm sure you have, but without significantly reducing your outage rate or your operating expenses.

So what is different?

One difference is our rebuilding program for single phase reclosers. Our program is different enough to offer you a reliable, trouble free recloser that is re-calibrated at standard test conditions and therefore will coordinate as specified by your engineer.

Our program is different enough to offer you our exclusive five year warranty not only on the mechanical operation but also on the coordination of the recloser.

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