Let's keep the lawyers out of the room and keep this simple!
Our WARRANTY POLICY is a statement of our responsibility in the joint responsibility of applying and servicing your recloser inventory.
Our SERVICE WARRANTY is that a maintained recloser will provide trouble free service for a period of no less than 5 years; the recloser will function as originally designed and will coordinate with other calibrated reclosers; either newly manufactured or repaired. This 5 year warranty applies to all reclosers manufactured under the registered trade names of Kyle, Line Material, McGraw-Edison or Cooper. Although we offer maintenance services on other recloser brands as a convenience to our customers, we do not offer an extended warranty on single phase reclosers manufactured by Westinghouse, General Electric, Multi-Amp, Lexington Switch or A.B. Chance.
If a recloser fails in service we will repair the recloser without additional labor charge. The only additional costs will be for parts which have failed but had not been replaced by us within the previous 5 years. See our PARTS WARRANTY.
This service warranty will apply for all normal service of a recloser applied within the ratings of the original manufacturer. 'Normal Service' will include lightning failures. Although failures caused by load currents in excess of 70% of the normal coil rating and fault currents in excess of the coil short circuit limit are engineering application errors, we will also include these failures in our service warranty. When we see indications of overheating or excessive magnetic force in a particular recloser we will advise you of the probable cause and request your assistance in controlling these application problems.
Basically, if you don't drop the recloser during the 5 year warranty period, we will reservice it at our labor expense if any problems occur. No excuses!

The concept of 'Dropping the Recloser' is expanded to include but not limited to 'Acts of God' such as tornado, hurricane, ice storm, drunken driver or operator errors such as 'The 30 foot Drop Test', failure to tie down during transit, etc. which cause irreparable physical damage.

If during the warranty period, a recloser's operation is called into question, you may have it tested at no additional charge. Transportation to and from our shop will be provided at no charge. No excuses!

If a recloser fails catastrophically during the warranty period and cannot be economically repaired, we will refund a prorated portion of your most recent service repair investment using a straight line depreciation over 60 months. Notice that our refund includes both labor and material costs. (Wouldn't it be nice if the original manufacturer offered this warranty?)

Refund $ = [X months / 60][Labor $ + Material $]

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