If a recloser is returned during the warranty period without a 'Trouble Report' or other service instructions, we will perform the following:
a) If < 36 months since last serviced, we will retest and return the recloser if that is all that is required. This will be provided at no charge.

b) If > 36 months since last serviced, we will reservice the recloser and renew the 5 year warranty beginning with the new service date. Standard service prices will apply.

We cannot assume any contingent liabilities related to a recloser's operation or failure.

Our PARTS WARRANTY is that a part will remain electrically and mechanically functional in the repaired recloser for the following minimum times:

Bushing Porcelains 2 years after service date
Coil Assemblies 10 years after service date
Other parts whether manufactured by us or others 5 years after service date
Our WARRANTY PROGRAM is supported by a computer data base detailing the observations, tests, installed parts, parts manufacturer, costs and the final calibrated operational test results for each recloser serviced. Additionally, each recloser tank is stenciled with the month and year of servicing to assist you in monitoring our success.
How can we afford to offer this 5 Year Warranty? By controlling the failure rate, we control our costs and thereby control your costs!
Our recloser rebuilding program is designed to provide a service that doesn't merely repair immediate problems but evaluates component utilization for the next 5 years. We are continuously re-evaluating component failures and incorporating design improvements.

Our commitment is to developing a long term customer relationship; not a one time sale. We begin this relationship with the most comprehensive warranty policy in the industry!

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