Description of Our Services
Our Services include:
Application assistance available: Test Lab available
Pickup & Delivery on our truck: No minimum quantity requirements
Tank Welding: Repairs as required, Stainless Steel Ground Nut welded to older tanks; Options available: Type 'H' tanks modified with 2 hangers, Four weldmounts on tank to mount lightning arresters
Tanks repainted with a factory paint system: Sandblasted to bare metal, Baked on Powder coat
Internal Mechanism Repair: All gaskets replaced, Coils tested electrically and mechanically, Contacts tested and evaluated using our custom developed procedures to measure contact wear
Fault Current Testing: Repaired reclosers are calibrated at a minimum of 2 points on the TCC in a temperature controlled test tank, Calibration of TCC is assured + 10% using our exclusive Adjustable TCC Valve Blocks, All One Shot Handles are operated mechanically and electrically
Re - Tanking: New oil ONLY!, Certified Non PCB by Exxon; New liners (paper and plastic); All hardware is replaced with Stainless Steel: Bushing Clamps and Bolts [6], Combination Nut and Pins [4], Tank Bolts and Washers [4]; Bushing Terminals and Ground Connector, newly tin-plated; Ground Bond electrically bonds the Recloser Head to the Tank Ground
Oil Filled Bushings are Rebuilt [25kv Reclosers]:New oil installed, New gaskets, Semi-conductor surface replaced, Semi-conductor surface bonded to head assembly
Tank Stencilling [Per Customer Specification]: Standard: Recloser Type, Coil Size, Operations Sequence, Service Date, Yellow Operating Handle in reflective yellow, 'R' switch [One Shot] Handle in reflective red, Blue 'Non PCB' label; Option A: Customer Number added in 2" black; Option B: Recloser Serial Number added in 2" black Material is reflective vinyl warranteed for 7 year exterior life. Choice of reflective safety colors is available. Computer generated Custom Stencil: 2" alphanumeric characters for Coil Size, Serial Number or Customer Number, Recloser Type; 1" alphanumeric characters for Repair Company, Service Date [Month/Year], Operation Sequence
Return Shipping on our truck: Reclosers are individually steel banded to heavy returnable pallets [4-6 units per 42" square pallet]
Invoicing: All reclosers are individually invoiced per Serial Number
Data Diskette: All data is accumulated and permanently recorded: Tests, Repair Materials, Costs
Five Year Warranty Policy: Your Recloser Insurance Policy
Liability Protection: $5 Million insurance protection
Disposal of Old Oil: Stored in customer assigned 500 gallon tanks in 'Oil Containment Building,' PCB Test by independent lab, Letter documenting PCB Test and Oil Pickup by SC & EPA registered disposal service company
Recloser Retirement Policy: Metal parts are separated and reclaimed, Only Porcelain and fiberglass parts are landfilled.
We offer the most comprehensive service available to assist you in managing and maintaining your recloser inventory.